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Firekills Wins!! [entries|friends|calendar]

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[12 Dec 2004|08:56pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Me: marlee why can't u love puppes and rainbows?
Marlee: lol
Marlee: i like black rainbows and goth puppies
Marlee: (i was going to say dead puppies but that's not true at all. those creep me out and make me cry super hard)

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Long time no update [08 Oct 2004|12:05am]

[ mood | eh ]

It's been awhile since we've updated this. Nothing exciting is going on in our lives.
Just the usual going to shows pretty much every week, rocking out, hanging out with our buddies, waking up early in zombie mode, go to school/work. rinse, lather, repeat.

any questions?

marlee, DONKEY!

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Oh , my few friends, you should be afraid. [06 Jul 2004|09:39pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Marlee: where in the name of GOD is your damn girlfriend?
Justin2: why? lol
Marlee: don't make me kick your ass. I have ways of making you talk
Marlee: ;-)
Justin2: lol
Justin2: i'm right here. he's taking forever making food
Marlee: SARAH!
Justin2: marlee!!

Sarah: so yeah so this chick like ims justin.
MarleeBob86: and then you stabbed her
MarleeBob86: ?
MarleeBob86: right?
Sarah: apparently she was at the last party here. one of the guitarist's friends
MarleeBob86: and she was a slut so you stabbed her?
Sarah: anywho, she was all like "i'm sorry i didn't get to say bye and thanks" and then she was all "i have to go i'll chat with you later <3"
Sarah: <3??? excuse me?
MarleeBob86: oh shit
MarleeBob86: so you hunted her down and stabbed her?
Sarah: man i want to
Sarah: she annoys me already
MarleeBob86: DO IT! DO IT!
MarleeBob86: tell her you'll eat her flesh, suck her soul out of her frantic mind and rip her heart out of her chest, and shove it, still beating, down her throat if she doesn't stay away from your man
Sarah: marlee
MarleeBob86: that should sufficiently label you as "psycho" and then she'll be afraid

Sarah: man i feel so bad
Sarah: i haven't been home yet and didn't leave money for food
Sarah: :-( i'm horrible
MarleeBob86: whatever
MarleeBob86: fuck them bitches
MarleeBob86: i mean...I'm sure they'll be fine
Sarah: yeah i just called
Sarah: they're fine
MarleeBob86: if nothing else they can compete in rigorours games that test their mental and physical abitlites. Then, when a loser has been declared they can kill said loser and eat them

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HOLY SHIT BOREDOM MAKES ME CRAZY!!! [02 Jun 2004|12:35am]

[ mood | crazy ]

MarleeBob86 (11:57:03 PM): the starting line is downloading!
krazedaise (11:57:08 PM): yay!
MarleeBob86 (11:57:08 PM): so is death cab for cutie!
MarleeBob86 (11:57:10 PM): yay!!!!!!!!
krazedaise (11:57:10 PM): yay!
krazedaise (11:57:19 PM): i'm listening to laslow!
krazedaise (11:57:22 PM): yay
MarleeBob86 (11:57:28 PM): yay!
MarleeBob86 (11:59:03 PM): hey
MarleeBob86 (11:59:06 PM): know what i love?
krazedaise (11:59:16 PM): what?
krazedaise (11:59:18 PM): chicken butt?
MarleeBob86 (11:59:19 PM): downloading music
MarleeBob86 (11:59:20 PM): lol
krazedaise (11:59:22 PM): yay!
MarleeBob86 (11:59:26 PM): no i do notlove chicken butt
MarleeBob86 (11:59:29 PM): i love listening to music
MarleeBob86 (11:59:46 PM): and downloading it so that i can listen to it while i'm too poor to buy it
krazedaise (11:59:52 PM): yeah taht rocks
MarleeBob86 (12:00:13 AM): thanks for introducing me to soulseek
MarleeBob86 (12:00:33 AM): kazzaa is dying because everyone is either not using it or stopping file sharing because you can only get busted if you share files
MarleeBob86 (12:00:53 AM): so it used to be awesome but now it's hard to find what you want on it
MarleeBob86 (12:01:05 AM): and even ifyou can it's flooded with bs versions
krazedaise (12:01:14 AM): yeah
krazedaise (12:01:17 AM): kazaa sucks
MarleeBob86 (12:01:23 AM): it does now
MarleeBob86 (12:02:06 AM): stupid record labels
MarleeBob86 (12:02:08 AM): i hate them SOOOO much
MarleeBob86 (12:02:13 AM): i'm glad they're dying
krazedaise (12:02:16 AM): ditto
MarleeBob86 (12:02:17 AM): they deserve to
krazedaise (12:02:19 AM): they suck ass
MarleeBob86 (12:02:21 AM): vive le downloading
MarleeBob86 (12:02:47 AM): my dad sent me a really great article. it's an interview with crosby (?) from crosby stills nash and young and he makes a lot of really good points
krazedaise (12:03:23 AM): sweet sweet
krazedaise (12:03:29 AM): it's all metallica's fault!
MarleeBob86 (12:03:46 AM): they started the downloading controversy
MarleeBob86 (12:03:52 AM): but some one would have eventually
MarleeBob86 (12:03:58 AM): they were just corporate tools
MarleeBob86 (12:04:16 AM): the record industry needed some one to speak up and metallica did it for them
krazedaise (12:04:28 AM): true true
krazedaise (12:04:32 AM): u're a genuis marlee
MarleeBob86 (12:04:40 AM): heh
krazedaise (12:04:40 AM): teach me ur wisdom
MarleeBob86 (12:04:42 AM): not rally
MarleeBob86 (12:04:47 AM): not much wisdom here
krazedaise (12:08:12 AM): ah
MarleeBob86 (12:10:04 AM): AHHH!
MarleeBob86 (12:10:08 AM): Music is my life!
MarleeBob86 (12:10:09 AM): AHHH!
MarleeBob86 (12:10:28 AM): sorry
MarleeBob86 (12:10:34 AM): i don't know what that was
krazedaise (12:10:41 AM): yeah that describe music in my life too
MarleeBob86 (12:10:54 AM): i'm just looking at all of the music i'm downloading
MarleeBob86 (12:11:21 AM): and all of the ones that download then move to thenext in the "remotely queued line" and i think about hte 80 or so songs i've downloaded thisevening
MarleeBob86 (12:11:24 AM): and I'm happy
krazedaise (12:11:41 AM): awesome!
MarleeBob86 (12:11:43 AM): because i want to buy it
MarleeBob86 (12:11:46 AM): and one day i will
MarleeBob86 (12:11:56 AM): but as of now i'm poor and have no money
krazedaise (12:12:19 AM): yeah that's understandable
MarleeBob86 (12:12:27 AM): msuic
MarleeBob86 (12:12:30 AM): more music
MarleeBob86 (12:12:35 AM): never en9ough music
MarleeBob86 (12:12:43 AM): gggaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
krazedaise (12:13:13 AM): marlee u need help
MarleeBob86 (12:13:18 AM): hahaha
krazedaise (12:13:18 AM): the 1st step is admitting u have a problem
MarleeBob86 (12:13:22 AM): i have a problem
MarleeBob86 (12:13:28 AM): i'm obsessive about music
MarleeBob86 (12:13:45 AM): now help me by buying hundreds of cds and vinyls
MarleeBob86 (12:13:58 AM): me+boredom=this
krazedaise (12:14:49 AM): haha
MarleeBob86 (12:15:02 AM): it's not my fault
MarleeBob86 (12:15:06 AM): you allowed me to get like this
MarleeBob86 (12:15:12 AM): SO BORED
MarleeBob86 (12:15:14 AM): You're my dealer
MarleeBob86 (12:15:18 AM): or
MarleeBob86 (12:15:18 AM): well
krazedaise (12:15:19 AM): b/cit's funny
MarleeBob86 (12:15:53 AM): my foot is on my sub wolfer and i feel the vibrations in my knee and it's funny and it tickles
MarleeBob86 (12:16:00 AM): :-D
MarleeBob86 (12:16:29 AM): i've downloaded 76 songs so far
MarleeBob86 (12:16:31 AM): I WIN!!!!!
MarleeBob86 (12:17:02 AM): I know people who are like "i listen to music but i don't have many cds or mp3s. I just listen to the radio for noise. I'm not much into music"
MarleeBob86 (12:17:21 AM): Who are they!?? How can they live??? Can I beat some sense into them?????
krazedaise (12:17:25 AM): lmao
MarleeBob86 (12:18:27 AM): why have i been allowed to get to this point? Dear god I'm not even a week into my summer vacation. this is a bad sign. I'm going to be clinically insane by the time senior year rolls around.
krazedaise (12:18:50 AM): yikes!
krazedaise (12:18:53 AM): i will not let that happen
MarleeBob86 (12:19:06 AM): you were everything i wanted but i just can't finish what istarted there's no room left here on my bakc it was damdaged long ago though you swear that you were true i'd still pick my friends over yoU!!!!!!!!!
krazedaise (12:19:17 AM): lol
MarleeBob86 (12:19:26 AM): Yaynewfoundglory!!!!!
krazedaise (12:19:47 AM): yay
MarleeBob86 (12:19:57 AM): Yaystartingline!!!!!
krazedaise (12:20:04 AM): yay
MarleeBob86 (12:20:17 AM): i don't like people who don't like music
krazedaise (12:20:25 AM): me neither
krazedaise (12:20:27 AM): i just don't get it
MarleeBob86 (12:20:32 AM): they're nuts
MarleeBob86 (12:20:34 AM): they should die
MarleeBob86 (12:20:40 AM): WIPE THEM OUT!
krazedaise (12:20:55 AM): yes!
MarleeBob86 (12:21:07 AM): ok...maybe that's a bit extreme
MarleeBob86 (12:21:12 AM): BEAT SOME SENSE INTO THEM!!!
krazedaise (12:21:25 AM): haha
krazedaise (12:21:32 AM): fucking shit hiccups came back at full force
MarleeBob86 (12:21:38 AM): lmfao!!!!!!!!!
krazedaise (12:21:39 AM): i seriusly thought my heart was gonna pop out
MarleeBob86 (12:21:44 AM): awwwwwww
MarleeBob86 (12:21:46 AM): :-(
MarleeBob86 (12:21:47 AM): no
MarleeBob86 (12:21:56 AM): If your heart pops out i'll shove it back in
krazedaise (12:22:03 AM): aww u're too sweet
MarleeBob86 (12:22:06 AM): and duct tape it so it cant do that again
MarleeBob86 (12:22:16 AM): *nods* duct tape fixes everything
krazedaise (12:22:44 AM): lol this is true
MarleeBob86 (12:23:44 AM): we turn our music down and we whisper we're sitting on the ground and we whisper we turn out music down we're sitting on the ground the next time i'm in town we will kiss girl WE WILL KISS GIRL
krazedaise (12:24:10 AM): i do't know about u chick but the only person i kiss is justin
MarleeBob86 (12:24:21 AM): i was quoting a song
krazedaise (12:24:24 AM): i know
MarleeBob86 (12:24:26 AM): sheesh
krazedaise (12:24:29 AM): i was trying to be witty
MarleeBob86 (12:24:32 AM): i'm stictly dickly budd
krazedaise (12:24:33 AM): obviously i failed
MarleeBob86 (12:24:35 AM): *buddy
MarleeBob86 (12:24:36 AM): lol
MarleeBob86 (12:24:39 AM): no i got it
krazedaise (12:24:43 AM): lol
MarleeBob86 (12:24:44 AM): i just like to play that i'm dense
MarleeBob86 (12:24:45 AM): :-D
krazedaise (12:24:48 AM): haha
MarleeBob86 (12:24:55 AM): i do weird things like that
MarleeBob86 (12:24:58 AM): like pretend i'm mad
MarleeBob86 (12:25:05 AM): or pretend i really care
MarleeBob86 (12:25:43 AM): If i could find you now things would get better we could leave this town and run forever let your waves crash down and take me away yeah eyeah
MarleeBob86 (12:25:58 AM): Yayyellowcard!
krazedaise (12:25:59 AM): haha "pretend i care"
MarleeBob86 (12:26:05 AM): it's true
MarleeBob86 (12:26:09 AM): i care about a lot of things
MarleeBob86 (12:26:18 AM): but not nearly as much as i pretend i do
MarleeBob86 (12:26:29 AM): i care about my friends and family and music and animals
MarleeBob86 (12:26:33 AM): and a few other things
MarleeBob86 (12:26:34 AM): but that's about it
MarleeBob86 (12:26:41 AM): friends and family foremost
krazedaise (12:26:49 AM): kewl kewl
MarleeBob86 (12:27:09 AM): and i don't care about animals in that peta/vegan sorta way
MarleeBob86 (12:27:22 AM): i can handle vegetarians but vegans are fucking nuts
krazedaise (12:27:33 AM): yeah i agree
krazedaise (12:28:08 AM): ok i'm sleepy so bed time for me
krazedaise (12:29:33 AM): good night!
MarleeBob86 (12:30:48 AM): oh
MarleeBob86 (12:30:50 AM): :-(
MarleeBob86 (12:30:51 AM): ok
MarleeBob86 (12:30:53 AM): g'night
MarleeBob86 (12:30:57 AM): see you tomorrow!

MarleeBob86 (12:30:59 AM): :-D
krazedaise (12:31:02 AM): yep yep!
krazedaise (12:31:04 AM): later gator
krazedaise (12:31:06 AM): good night
MarleeBob86 (12:31:08 AM): i'll stay up and go crazy by myself
MarleeBob86 (12:31:09 AM): night
krazedaise (12:31:17 AM): aww i would stay up but i have a job :-(
MarleeBob86 (12:31:20 AM): it's ok
MarleeBob86 (12:31:23 AM): i have a job too
MarleeBob86 (12:31:27 AM): i'm waking up at 8 tomorrow
MarleeBob86 (12:31:29 AM): but whatever
MarleeBob86 (12:31:32 AM): oh shit i should go to bed
MarleeBob86 (12:31:33 AM): ok
MarleeBob86 (12:31:34 AM): whatever
krazedaise (12:31:35 AM): lol
MarleeBob86 (12:31:36 AM): you go to sleep
MarleeBob86 (12:31:38 AM): good night
krazedaise (12:31:38 AM): good night!

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DieDieDie [18 May 2004|07:22pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Dear Whiny Bitch That I Hate,
You're still being stupid. Perhaps you don't know who you are? I know you'll probably read this though, that's why I'm not locking it in anyway, it's out in the open. Maybe one day you'll realize that I'm talking about you. I just thought I'd beg you to stop being dumb and dropping names and bragging and being dumb some more or if you won't stop, then go do it somewhere else far away from me.
That Is All,

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HateHateHateHateHate [17 May 2004|06:29pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I know I'm fickle, this is surely nothing new. My mind changes on the drop of a dime. And yes, I've gone through some changes in my friends but I look back and realize all the reasons my failed friendships have not worked out. And now there is one whiny bitch that is getting on my nerves incessantly. She just fucking assumes people will do things for her, almost never asks for her self just bitches and moans and whinges on dropping subtle passive hints but never being straight forward. I know who she is, Sarah knows who she is and I wish she would just DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE!

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Oh man. [06 May 2004|10:33pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I posted this in my journal:
Me: we'll be tight like a lid on a pickle jar by show time
Me: yes!
Marlee: sweet
Marlee: lol
Me: lol dude that made me laugh out loud. i amuse myself
Marlee: me too
Marlee: it was very nice
Marlee: you have a way with words
Me: thanks :-D
Me: you do too
Marlee: perhaps you should consider a job in the field of journalism
Marlee: like interview people or something
Me: omg you're my savior
Me: because of you i now have a path to take through my journey called life
Me: thank you
Me: i'm complete
Marlee: yay
Marlee: i win

Justin read it and imed me
Justin: heheh
Justin: cuties

Marlee: we're crackheads is what we are
Marlee: not cuties
Marlee: crack heads
Marlee: it's an understandable mistake. they both start with c and all

Justin: and end with s
Justin: <--- is observant!

Man these two people rock my socks off.

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[04 May 2004|07:52pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I'm fucking proud of myself

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Highlights of Last Night [17 Apr 2004|01:52pm]

[ mood | amused ]

SMP and Dynah kicked major ass.

"Did someone honk at me? Cause I'll kill em"

"I had ya all fooled"

"I am God."

"I seriously think this curtain has a thing for me."

"I don't care. It's not a big deal. It's like taking a dump."

Good times.

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Marlee And Sarah On The Napoleon Complex. [15 Apr 2004|12:40am]

[ mood | amused ]

krazedaise: for a short guy, he's got a big temper
MarleeBob86: lol
MarleeBob86: short guys always do
krazedaise: the world isn't out to get him.
MarleeBob86: we have to make up for our lack of physical scariness by being angry
krazedaise: aww
krazedaise: that makes sense
krazedaise: how tall are you?
MarleeBob86: 5'2"
krazedaise: aww!
krazedaise: *pats head*
MarleeBob86: i will kill your face
MarleeBob86: i will eat your children
krazedaise: lmao
MarleeBob86: i will torture your everlasting soul
krazedaise: i'm sorry
krazedaise: haha
krazedaise: i <3 u
MarleeBob86: just remember...eat.your.children
krazedaise: lol ok
MarleeBob86: alright then. as long as we understand each other
krazedaise: yep
krazedaise: note to self: never say marlee is cute when referring to height
MarleeBob86: yes
MarleeBob86: good note

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Name's Blair Kennsington... [12 Apr 2004|10:50pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I've been ordered to update since we have TWO readers.

Sarah and I are going to make our own zine starting this summer. God knows what it'll be called but I vote for Dinasaur Music. And the logo would be a green brontosaurous with headphones on.

I'm trying to come up with a funny conversation we've had lately but besides argueing over which A Still Second song is best (I say A Wooden Heart and I win. Despite what Sarah and Jeremy say...) I can't find a damn thing. Looks like we're boring tonight. Just lots of talk of a zine

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The story unfolds... [06 Apr 2004|11:53pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Last week I got bored and txted Dan the man

Me: Why do you answer txt messages when you hate them?
Dan the man: the same reason why you're texting me when you know I hate them
Me: Because it's funny?
Dan the man: Not

Man he's soo gonna hate me if he doesn't already.

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Marlee's solution. Remember this. [21 Mar 2004|11:40pm]

[ mood | amused ]

MarleeBob86: and if they forget me i'll kick them in the nuts
MarleeBob86: but it won't happen
MarleeBob86: :-D
krazedaise: haha your solution to everything
MarleeBob86: yeah
MarleeBob86: basically
krazedaise: what is a girl pisses u off/ u'll kick them in the nuts too?
MarleeBob86: yeah
MarleeBob86: actually no
MarleeBob86: i told you earlier
krazedaise: oh yeah
MarleeBob86: the solution to that is: stepone:titty twister
MarleeBob86: steptwo:hair pulling
MarleeBob86: stepthree:punch in the face
MarleeBob86: girls are harder to take down
MarleeBob86: *nods*

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LMAO [11 Mar 2004|06:26pm]

[ mood | amused ]


You know you're big when you have groupies. YAY Daniel.

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The Great Texting Saga [09 Mar 2004|12:01am]

[ mood | amused ]

Marlee txted Daniel earlier asking if his band was playing homegrown but he never respond.
So I told her I'll txt him

Me: Marlee wants to know if you're playing on Wednesday. Yes or no?
Dan the man: Yes
(we wanted to know why he blew Marlee off)
Me: Why didn't you respond to Marlee? She feels unloved
Daniel: I'm in the middle of playing a show.
Me: *all blushing and laughing my ass off* Way to make me feel bad. I hate you 2.
Daniel: Huh?
Me: Nevermind. We'll chat later. Play your show.
Daniel: Yes we are playing on Wednesday.

I'm confused now.
further coverage as details unfold

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It Just Keeps Getting Better! [07 Mar 2004|11:58pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

krazedaise: dude add the community to ur friend's list
MarleeBob86: lol
MarleeBob86: i do need to do that don't i?
MarleeBob86: lol
MarleeBob86: i'm so lazy
krazedaise: lol um yeah
MarleeBob86: i think about it and then put it off
krazedaise: lol how hard is it?
krazedaise: just click add friend
krazedaise: press enter and there ya go
MarleeBob86: everytime i read it i thyink about it and them i'm just like....eh
MarleeBob86: lmao
MarleeBob86: shut up
MarleeBob86: that's hard work right there
krazedaise: haha
MarleeBob86: lots of arm movement
krazedaise: lmao
krazedaise: whatever
krazedaise: 2 clicks max
MarleeBob86: and the clicking!!!!
MarleeBob86: dear god
krazedaise: haha
MarleeBob86: how strong do you think i am
MarleeBob86: lamo
krazedaise: lmao
MarleeBob86: *lmao
krazedaise: i'm sorry
MarleeBob86: hehe

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Good Times Good Times! [07 Mar 2004|11:51pm]

[ mood | amused ]

krazedaise: feel the wrath of my evil face >:o
MarleeBob86: i just never acted
krazedaise: lol j/k
MarleeBob86: lmao
MarleeBob86: i love that
krazedaise: lol yeah

MarleeBob86: i one uped the waitress
MarleeBob86: she tried to out cool me and failed
krazedaise: ahahahaha
krazedaise: what a dork
MarleeBob86: lol
MarleeBob86: yup
MarleeBob86: that makes me smile so big
MarleeBob86: lol
krazedaise: haha yeah
MarleeBob86: just because she was like "yeah, i know the one that works at music lab"
MarleeBob86: and i was like "yeah, daniel" and she just started to walk away
MarleeBob86: lol
MarleeBob86: eeeeeheheh
krazedaise: that was the 1st thing i thought of "what's his name?"
krazedaise: lol
MarleeBob86: loser
krazedaise: yep
MarleeBob86: :-D
MarleeBob86: i'm gonna laugh about that forever and ever

krazedaise: grrr
MarleeBob86: ?
krazedaise: my mom is looking over my shoulder
MarleeBob86: oh
krazedaise: she's so nosey
MarleeBob86: HI SARAH"S MOM!!!!
MarleeBob86: :-D
krazedaise: lmao
MarleeBob86: hehe
krazedaise: she was all what's that about
krazedaise: haha

krazedaise: i can give u more
krazedaise: haha
krazedaise: lmao
MarleeBob86: So i can break it down white girl style!
krazedaise: lmao
MarleeBob86: EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH@!!!!!!!!!
krazedaise: that would awesome
MarleeBob86: that would be the shit!

krazedaise: i look retarded when i dance b/c i'm too freaking skinny
MarleeBob86: heheh
MarleeBob86: you saw how i was dancing last night
MarleeBob86: that's the only way i can dance
MarleeBob86: unless i'm trying to act out the song
krazedaise: lol
MarleeBob86: like it says something about a heart breaking or being torn apart and i hold my hands together then pull them apart
MarleeBob86: lol

MarleeBob86: i'd try to sing along and they added a whole verse in the opnening that i didn't fucking know
MarleeBob86: lol
krazedaise: i kno
krazedaise: w
MarleeBob86: i'd start and then do the confused fade out
MarleeBob86: lol
krazedaise: haha
krazedaise: lmao
krazedaise: that's funny
MarleeBob86: hehehe
MarleeBob86: you know what i'm talking about htough?
krazedaise: lol yeah
MarleeBob86: like "I SEE THa cloud its..." *head banging to cover up your embarreseement*
krazedaise: lmao

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Boo [04 Mar 2004|12:59pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Boo to groupies.
They should just get a STD and die already.
Just kidding but they seriously aren't cool.

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hehe [27 Feb 2004|04:33pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Ok so we were at the Natchet Taylor show on Tuesday. We were in the bathroom and I saw this message to god:

So as I'm taking a pic of that Marlee writes this:

Then out of nowhere, Marlee goes to the stall and adds her two cents to the message to god.

She's silly.

Look it's Abby next to her. Abby doesn't have internet otherwise she would be all up in this too.

Wow this is a very pink entry.

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Ahem. [26 Feb 2004|05:50pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Oh hush with the fire kill swim. The more you say it the more people will agree with you.

Not that ANYone will care but...the name:

Coolest website ever (www.somanybands.com) is putting together some somanybands awards. And the general public makes nominations then in a week or so the general public will begin voting. I've been getting impatiant and I want to vote now. (PS Sarah runs somanybands.com so...) And since I'm demanding I declared that voting was over and that FIREKILLS WINS! Sarah doesn't seem to agree that voting is over though.

Aaaannnd...I kind of kept shouting it out at the Natchet Taylor concert on Tuesday. It's my new sugar induced motto.

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